Girl Scout volunteers are vital to the growth of courageous, confident girls who can make the world a better place. Now more than ever, the support of volunteers like you and our entire Girl Scout community is needed to provide girls with essential Girl Scout experiences. Your efforts are deeply appreciated and have an incredible impact on the girls you work with, but there are always ways to deepen your impact! Check out these three ways you can support girls even further through Girl Scouts. 

Join a circle of friends investing in girls. 

How far the girls in our community go in life depends on how much we invest in them. Our Giving Circles are a network Girl Scout alum and volunteers who share a passion for making Girl Scouts accessible to girls from low-income communities in San Mateo, Santa Clara Counties and Council wide by pooling membership donations and awarding grants to Girl Scouts of Northern California’s programs and projects. Now that’s impact!  

Learn more by visiting our website, or contact Sarah Rothstein, Director of Donor Relations at 612-702-6758 or at 

Ask if your employer offers “dollars” for volunteer hours or will donate to your charity of choice.

Many companies will offer “Dollars for Doers”, “Good Cards” programs, or a similar program. These are programs where corporations encourage their employees to volunteer in the communities where they live and work by donating money to those organizations. Sometimes there is a minimum number of hours you have to volunteer or you have to volunteer regularly to be eligible.  

To find out if your company offers this, inquire with your Human Resources department. Here is a just a short list of many companies who offer this kind of financial support.  

Be a champion in your company to help Girl Scouts get a sponsored grant. 

Our grants team works very hard to identify funders who can support Girl Scouts programs and activities. Sometimes we need a champion in the company who can sponsor our application and help open the doors. If you work for a company that provides grants to nonprofit organizations, let us know! Often you don’t need to be an executive or a supervisor to be our champion.  

Your dollars, your effort, and your time are what lets Girl Scouts continue to support thousands of girls all across our council. Whether you just started as a volunteer or you have been volunteering for 10+ years, whether you work directly with girls or you are more in the background, you make an impact on girls every day and for that we are forever grateful! 

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