On a sunny day, you can be found:

Which activity would you be most excited to do?

Which animal do you identity most with?

Now choose your favorite camp activity:

Which outdoor cooking food would you eat right now?

Alright, now tell us: what's your favorite thing about Girl Scout camp?

Which GSNorCal camp is right for you?
You got Skylark Ranch!

Skylark Ranch offers high quality riding instruction for English, Western, and trail riding in a summer camp setting for all girls, whether she's a complete beginner or an experienced equestrian! At Skylark, girls will ride in one of our three riding arenas or on our trails that wind through the majestic Redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains. Most programs put girls in the saddle every day of camp—either in the ring or out on the trail—and all programs have the chance to experience the exciting sport of vaulting! Learn more at http://camp.gsnorcal.org./summer-camp/camp-locations/skylark-ranch.
You got Sugar Pine!

Soaring down the zip line. Swimming in Alpine lakes. Backpacking in the High Sierras. Sugar Pine is perfect for girls who love the thrill and adventure of the great outdoors! With over 75 years of traditional camp experience and themed group programs, Sugar Pine encourages and supports girls as they take on outdoor challenges (and have tons of fun along the way). Learn more at camp.gsnorcal.org./summer-camp/camp-locations/sugar-pine.
You got Bothin!

Our Marin-based resident camp, Camp Bothin, is great for campers and families that are new to the world of summer camp. At Bothin, you'll drop off and pick up your girl directly from camp, which allows you to meet the camp staff face-to-face, see where she'll be living for the week, and feel confident that she's about to have the time of her life! Best of all, Bothin is designed for girls to try a variety of traditional camp activities (think: arts and crafts, swimming, archery, and our impressive high ropes course). Learn more at camp.gsnorcal.org./summer-camp/camp-locations/bothin
You got Hidden Falls!

5 Reasons Why Girl Scouts is the Best Leadership Program for Girls

Surrounded by giant California Redwoods, Hidden Falls is perfect for girls who want to immerse themselves in nature! With is a 90 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains to explore, Hidden Falls features a central meadow for sports and games, a new archery range, an eco-pond to help girls learn about the natural world, and an amphitheater-style campfire circle with a stage. Under the shade of the redwoods she'll find new friends, make incredible memories, and connect with the great outdoors.

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