As the holiday season goes into full swing and the cold of winter keeps us indoors, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to bring magic into our homes. Fear not, savvy shoppers! This Girl Scout gift guide has the perfect present for every G.I.R.L.; the gutsy Go-getter, the intellectual Innovator, the righteous Risk-taker and the level-headed Leader, as well as value gifts, apparel, and more! 

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Any enterprising young girl needs a journal to put her plans and dreams to paper. With numerous journal options, she can do so with her own personal touch: 

Stitch & Sketch Book – $4.99  

Catocado Journal – $17.99       

Catocado Journal

As your go-getter grows, she’ll need the knowledge to be the change she wants to see in the world, so why not snag her a STEM book or kit? 

KidzRobotix Hand – $17.99     

Kidzrobotix Hand

Circuit Clay – $21.99                 

Circuit Clay

Outdoor Science Lab for Kids book $24.99 


Sometimes all she needs to spark creativity and ingenuity is a helping hand. Does your young innovator want to connect with nature? Try the Paint-a-Butterfly Hideaway ($14.99).  

Paint-a-Butterfly Hideaway

Is she learning about sustainability and the environment? Green Science Kits will get her charged up: Eco Toys, Salt Powered Robot, and Windmill Generator ($11.99-$14.99)

Does she have her head in the clouds as she reaches for the stars? Navigate the night sky with our Pocket Star Finder ($5.99).

Pocket Star Finder

Is she all about the experimenting and pushing the limits of her knowledge? Customize your craft with the Bouncy Ball Bonanza kit ($15.99).

Bouncy Ball Bonanza Kit


For that brave girl who always wants to try new things, we can help her work hard and play harder: 

Axe Throwing Kit $24.99 

Axe Throwing Kit

Solar & Gemstone Digging Kits – $4.99 

KidzLab Fingerprint Kit – $11.99 

kidzlab fingerprint kit


Every aspiring leader needs to keep organized! These fun coin purse and pencil bags ought to do the trick ($4.50-$6.00). 

Stay on top of the day with the cute Cat Watch ($12.99), and keep your fellow troopmates on the right track with the Survival Whistle ($3.25)


Whether you need to round out your holiday assortment or just grab a few small things for people at the office, we have an abundance of value-priced and quirky items every thrifty treasure hunter can appreciate! 

GSNorCal LED Ornament – $4.99 

GSNorCal Metal Straws – $4.99 

metal straws

Santa Hat Tumbler – $4.99 

Ornament Lip Balm – $2.99 

World’s Smallest Microscope – $6.99 

smallest microscope

Jean Tattoos – $2.99 

Jean Tattoos

Glow-in-the-Dark Moon & Stars – $7.99           

Glow-in-the-Dark Moon & Stars

STEMulator Kits – $9.99   

‘Mars Mud’ Slime – $3.49

mars slime

Book worm 

What’s better than snuggling under a warm blanket with a good book? Snuggling under a warm blanket with a great book: 

Girl Scout Alice Tapper’s “Raise Your Hand” – $17.99 

Raise Your Hand

Mouse Scouts series – $6.99/book

Girl Scouts Mystery series – $7.99/book

Girl Scouts Mystery series

Girl Scout Green to the Core 

For those who overflow with Girl Scout pride, give them something they can use to keep spreading our message of girl empowerment. Whether at work or school, this large reusable Trefoil Tech Tattoo looks great wherever you stick it ($4.99).  Girl Scout Themed

For the quilters, Girl Scout-themed fabric squares are always a hit ($42.95-69.95).  

quilt squares

And all the proud dads can use this Man Enough to be a Girl Scout magnet ($9.00).

man enough magnet


Show off your GSNorCal pride and look good doing it! With no shortage of styles, colors and designs there is something for everyone! 

Est. 1912 Tee – $19.99

Arrows Long Sleeve – $29.99

arrows shirt

High Low T-Shirt – $19.99 

high-low shirt

Purple Varsity Jacket – $45.99

varsity jacket

Tie-Dye Sweater – $34.99

tie-dye sweater

Take a Hike Hoodie – $49.99

Take a Hike Hoodie

Flap Backpack – $29.99 

flap backpack

Rainbow Fanny Pack – $18.00


Spend more time outside than in? Just want to make the most of your time at a campsite? We’ve got all the resources you need to make it a breeze: 

Pocket Guide to Camping  – $9.99    

Camping Pocket Guide

Laminated Portable Foldout Guides – $7.95/book 

Mess Kits – $12.99  

Mess Kit

Knots Book and Knots Kit  – $21.99 and $9.99 (purchase together for additional discount!) 

Knots Guide

Lanyards – $3.99-$8.49  


Camp Calling Sweater (Heather Blue and Turquoise) – $32.99  


Sometimes just the gift of generosity is the only thing that will suffice. Whether it’s in your own name or on behalf of someone else, a donation is always an incredible gift for the holidays. The Opportunity Fund gives more girls the opportunity to reach their potential with Girl Scouts. The Camp Improvement fund helps bring more camp experiences to our Girl Scout campers! Or join GSNorCal in donating to One Warm Coat, keeping folks warm this holiday season. 

Psst—Got someone hard to shop for? Consider our newly released Gift Cards! Available to load with any amount you see fit, these are great for girls and leaders alike. 

What to do next: 

  • Check out our holiday collection for great outdoor items, apparel, ornaments, plush, and more! Keep in mind all of our stores and offices will be closed December 21, 2019–December 28, 2019 & January 1, 2020 for the winter holidays (but don’t worry—our online shop will be open 24/7). 
  • Join us at our Craft & Cocoa events throughout the council and shop in peace while your creative crafters make ornaments and enjoys hot chocolate with cookies. All participants will also get a one-of-a-kind fun patch to commemorate the experience along with two exclusive coupons! Brought to you for just $2 per person, this stress-free afternoon will keep even the most rambunctious troops entertained. Our Alameda and San Jose locations have the added bonus of a staff-sponsored craft boutique which will provide unique and heartfelt gifts right to you. 
  • Consider giving the gift of lifetime membership. When someone receives lifetime membership in Girl Scouts for the holidays, they get a one-of-a-kind gift that drives meaningful change today and tomorrrow. Not to mention, the gift-givers will receive a complimentary rose-gold ceramic mug (promotion ends December 31, 2019). Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.

Erik Moulton—Erik is an amazing human being that literally everyone loves. He was born a baby, grew up as a child and eventually became an adult. As Inventory Manager with Girl Scouts of Northern California, he brings in fun, engaging merchandise suited for every girl. That doesn’t go to his head though; he puts his pants on one leg at a time (mostly because both at the same time would be childish). When he isn’t bringing operational excellence to the council, he’s bringing it home to his wife and three kids with a notorious lack of chill. Come say “Hi!” next time you’re in the shop!

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