Some things deserve a little extra celebrating, like our organization’s birthday! March 12 marks the day our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, registered the first 18 Girl Scouts. And since one day just isn’t enough time to honor such a momentous occasion, we’ve dedicated a whole week, Girl Scout Week, the Sunday through Saturday calendar week including March 12, to celebrating the greatness of Girl Scouts!

For over 100 years, Girl Scouting has helped girls build courage, confidence, and character, promoting G.I.R.L. experiences where girls become go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders. Girl Scout Week is the perfect time to embrace your Girl Scout identity, reflect on our organization’s traditions, and reconnect with the Promise and Law.

With seven days in the week, we’ve assembled 7 fun ways for you and your troop to celebrate Girl Scout Week while making the world a better place!

Sunday: Throw a Birthday Party to Celebrate Girl Scouts

There’s no better way to kick off your Girl Scout Week celebrations than with a party!

Make some new friends and invite girls from your local community centers or schools to participate in the festivities. Show your guests what Girl Scouts are all about – have your girls come in their Girl Scout uniforms or apparel and fill the party with interactive icebreakers, camp songs, craft stations, photo booths, and any other Girl Scout fun you can think of!

Try out an old-school craft like Girl Scout Paper Dolls or a trivia game like Jeopardy to incorporate some of Girl Scout history.

Monday: Be a Go-Getter

Provide your girls with some #MondayMotivation and encourage your girls to dream big and achieve their goals. Gather your troop and brainstorm some projects, badges, or activities for a Girl Scout Bucket List, then pick one to start with. Whether your girls are interested in educational programs, service projects, or badges and awards, there are plenty of ways for your girls to embrace their go-getter spirit and learn something new.

Tuesday: Be an Innovator

Give your girls the opportunity to think outside of the box, innovate, and experiment. Choose a themed activity that lets your girls create something new and exciting, such as a cooking challenge, like “Iron Chef” or a STEM project, like Made with Code.

Don’t forget to use resources wisely – sometimes the real challenge of being an innovator is limiting your resources or discovering new ways to use them. For an eco-friendly project, try upcycling, where your girls can create something new out of recycled materials.

Wednesday: Be a Risk-Taker

Luckily, your girls don’t have to do anything too crazy or outrageous to practice healthy risk-taking! Inspire your girls to take a break from their busy lives, explore unfamiliar territory, and enjoy some essential Girl Scout experiences. Whether your girls are thinking about an overnight camping trip or a high adventure ropes course, give them the gentle push they need to try something new. With the support of her Girl Scout sisters, anything is possible!

Remember, your girls don’t have to go outdoors to try something new. From STEM workshops to craft events, Girl Scouts is full of unique learning experiences, so have your girls check out GSNorCal’s Activity Finder to find the adventure right for them!

Thursday: Be a Leader

The funny thing about being a leader is the fact that they don’t always have to lead, because in order to make the world a better place, leaders must also be able to demonstrate their concern and willingness to help others. As a troop, spend the day serving your community – volunteer at your local food bank, animal shelter, senior homes, schools, or wherever you feel your time would be best spent.

Want more of a challenge? Turn your day of service into a friendly competition between your girls. Have them keep track and note all of their “Random Acts of Kindness” that day – anything from holding a door open for a stranger to setting the kitchen table for your family.

Friday: Spread some Girl Scout spirit

After your girls spend the week rekindling their G.I.R.L. identity, have them spread their Girl Scout spirit beyond their local community. Remember, Girl Scouting is a worldwide phenomenon with over 10 million Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 different countries, so try connecting with some of your international sisters through WAGGGS pen pal program.

Looking for another idea? Everyone can use a little extra love and support and, since Girl Scouts are known for respecting authority, have your girls dedicate some time to make “Thank You” cards for our United States Armed Forces.

Saturday: Observe Girl Scout Sabbath

The Girl Scout Sabbath is a day for girls to honor their own faith as well as learn about other faiths. Everything in Girl Scouting connects back to the Girl Scout Promise and Law, so for girls interested in exploring how the Girl Scout Promise and Law overlap with the teachings of their faith, help them learn more and earn their My Promise, My Faith pin.

Not many youth organizations can say they’ve been around for over 100 years! So, Girl Scout volunteers, keep doing what you do, because you’re the reason our girls continue to thrive and become successful go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders. Regardless of how you and your troop decide to celebrate Girl Scout Week, we hope you all take the time to celebrate the 100+ year legacy of helping girls build courage, confidence, and character while making the world a better place!

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