Hey there everyone! My name is Angel Antunes – my pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I’m GSNorCal’s DEIB Manager (that stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)! As I’m sure you’ve seen over the last few years, GSNorCal has been doing so much amazing work to improve the inclusivity and equity of the experiences we offer across the board. A big part of my job is making sure that our staff are equipped and supported on all things DEIB – creating workshops, internal resources, and guiding folks through our council-wide professional development around DEIB.

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Since starting our DEIB journey back in 2016, we’ve made some huge strides. Some important milestones include the creation of our Board-approved Volunteer Policy and Culture Code for Equity and Belonging with the expert equity trainers from Hella Social Impact, who also helped create our Camp Culture Code. With all of this in action, we’ve seen some amazing changes and heard great feedback from our youth as well as adults. But we were still missing something: a dedicated resource for you, our wonderful volunteers. That changes now.

I am so excited to introduce The GSNorCal Culture Code Lab!

The Culture Code Lab is your chance to honor what our girls care about most.

In our most recent Voices Count surveys of 500 Girl Scouts all over the region, a resounding 95% of our young people shared a commitment to standing up for racial justice, gender equity and belonging for LGBTQ+ and gender-expansive youth. Since a big part of the GS experience is letting our Girl Scouts lead, it’s time to walk the walk – this is our chance to follow their leadership, dive into learning, and become the adult allies they need. We’re ready!

The Culture Code Lab was designed to follow the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Our Culture Code Lab offers our Girl Scout Volunteers a chance to:

  • DISCOVER ourselves in a racist world
  • CONNECT with our hearts wide-open
  • TAKE ACTION to make the world better for all people

Through a combination of online learning and in-person practice, each course participant will get an in-depth exploration of our Culture Code for Equity and Belonging. You can earn a certificate and virtual badge for your effort, so get your growth mindset ready! GSNorcal stands proudly with girls and gender expansive kids —this is our chance to rise together and take the lead from our Girl Scouts so we’re supporting them in just the way they need!

In your Culture Code Lab experience, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Girl Scouts’ history of activism, important key terms, and action steps for building inclusive spaces! Not only that – since these modules are hosted on our gsCommunity platform, you’ll also be able to participate in group discussions, connect with other volunteers across our council in cohort groups, have guides to create DEIB activities for your troops, as well has access lots of tangible resources (articles, documents, videos, and more) to help you create a super inclusive, welcoming Girl Scout experience. Trust me, there is something for every kind of learner in these modules!

Now, I KNOW you’re wondering: How do I access the Culture Code Lab??

It’s as easy as scanning a QR code or clicking a link!

  • Step 1: If you aren’t a member yet, join gsCommunity
    (If you’re already a member, you can go to Step 2)
  • Step 2: Request access to the Culture Code Lab by clicking here, or by scanning the QR code below:
  • Step 3: Explore the Culture Code Lab and start your peer-to-peer learning experience at your own pace!

BOOM! It’s as simple as that!

As the space’s moderator, you’ll find me actively participating and posting content in the Culture Code Lab – with help from all of you, I’m hoping to keep the community an active, living resource. We expect it to be ever-changing and evolving, just like our world! I am so looking forward to seeing many of your smiling faces in our space, and I’m even more excited to read your responses and to see the amazing conversations and connections we’ll have with one another.

See you there! 😊

Angel Antunes (they/them) – is the DEIB Manager at Girl Scouts of Northern California. They were born and raised in San Jose, but now reside in Los Angeles. Angel started at GSNorCal in 2017 on the Member Services team, but soon showed a great passion and aptitude for all things DEIB. As a queer, non-binary, mixed person of color with a background in social justice and Black feminist theory, Angel brings their unique lived experience and passion to their role. They are dedicated to guiding and supporting staff and volunteers alike in the important work of ensuring our Girl Scouts’ experiences are inclusive and welcoming to all!  

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