Looking for that extra something that will give your troop a leg up during your Girl Scout Cookie Program? A colorful booth grabs the eye of potential customers hurrying by, and is a great way to get your whole troop invested in working cookie booths! Brainstorm ideas together, and then collaborate on designing the decorations and collecting any props. As a troop activity, this can build teamwork, interpersonal, and creative marketing skills! Best yet, once you’ve created booth decorations, you can reuse them with some modifications for the Fall Product Program and future Girl Scout Cookie Programs! Here are three fun and easy ways to spruce up your cookie booth:

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Make your goals visible!

It might seem simple, but it’s important to show what you’re saving for! Customers love to see exactly where their money is going, so display posters of your troop’s sales goals and what they plan to use their earnings on. Is the money going towards camp? Troop travel? A service project?

Last year, Raquel decided she wanted to go on the GSNorCal council trip to Peru using solely her cookie money. Along with a menu listing cookie varieties and prices, she designed a poster that listed the total amount of boxes she needed to sell to accomplish her goal and a custom badge illustration that she filled in as her sales numbers increased. Customers helped her color in the ruins of Machu Picchu by buying cookies!

Raquel's Cookie Booth

What did your troop use cookie money for last? Create a photo collage of past service projects, trips, and other troop activities funded by past cookie programs, and have your Girl Scouts share stories while showing customers the photos.

Pick a theme—and run with it!

Embrace that DIY go-getter spirit and create an immersive booth experience.

In 2016 GSNorCal Troop 90041 won the GSUSA Bling Your Booth Challenge with their superhero city booth. They went all out and made a colorful city skyline using construction paper and cardboard, and wore superhero capes while working the booth.

Troop 90041 2016 GSUSA Bling Your Booth Winners

Girl Scout Cookies have been around for over 100 years, so pull in nostalgic customers with a retro cookie booth! Brownies from Troop 33702 threw it back to the 1950’s with their vintage Brownie uniforms and color printouts of vintage Girl Scout Cookie ads.

Vintage Brownie Cookie Booth

Getting girls outdoors is a key part of the Girl Scout mission. You can highlight this with a camp themed booth. Troop 30838 created a banner and table drape out of felt and PVC pipe. The campfire flames are made up of handprints!

Outdoor Themed Cookie Booth

Use your resources wisely by up-cycling materials you already have—like cookie boxes!

There’s no need to run to the craft store to buy a bunch of supplies (though some glitter and poster board are always helpful). With a little creativity, you can use free materials you already have available, like the cookie boxes and cookie cases. Cut out the names and photos of the cookies to create a menu, or use the whole boxes to create pyramids or arches. One cookie mom suggests forgoing the traditional table altogether, unpacking the cookie cases, and then displaying a generous amount of cookie boxes on the stacked cases.

Troop ­33394 cut pennants from the cookie boxes to make a banner:

DIY Cookie Box Pennant

Not a lot of time?

Focus on just one thing to give your booth some extra pizzazz. Paired with your Girl Scouts’ enthusiasm, handmade signs with glittery stickers, pompoms, or matching cookie crowns for your cookie sellers are sure to help your girls to meet their goals! Sparkly and brightly-colored decorations are the most eye-catching, so don’t be afraid to let your girls go a little wild! Effort and enthusiasm beat perfection any day.

Bling Your Booth Troop 60652

And if you are super pinched for time, something as simple as offering cookie samples can help your booth stand out and draw in people who might otherwise rush by.

Once you’ve created a beautiful booth, show off you and your troop’s hard work and creativity!

Find more inspiration on the #blingyourbooth hashtag on Instagram or on our “Awesome Cookie Booths” Pinterest Board!

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