Did you know? Fun patches are one of our most popular items in our GSNorCal retail stores. Our leaders and volunteers are constantly hunting for just the right one to capture their troop’s experiences. Whether you’re looking for a little motivator or a memory keepsake for your girls, our wide variety of patches cover (almost) every activity. Many volunteers use our fun patch catalogs to spark new ideas that also help facilitate the girl-led process when planning their Girl Scout year.   

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Throughout my years with Girl Scouts, I’ve seen the fun patch craze grow! These patches quickly fill up the back of girls’ uniforms and serve as a sort of memory board for all the amazing activities they’ve done — it’s inspiring to see. Whenever I see girls shopping in our stores, I ask them about how they earned their badges or what they did to receive their fun patches, and most of time I get impressive stories of service projects and field trips. And with so many Girl Scout memories, these patches oftentimes carry strong meaning for them. For me, I’m always thrilled to see what new designs become available and to hear about what exciting activities the troops are planning. We have our classics like Holiday Caroling, Pool Party, Investiture, but did you know that our selection of patches have ventured into Outdoor Skills, Astronomy, Spa Days, and more?! Here are a few of my favorite new fun patches right now:

1. Pet Supply Drive

The likelihood of your troop loving animals is high, so why not lend our furry friends a helping hand. This patch is a great way to provide your girls with some incentive and add a service project to your troop’s activity list.  Pet Supply Drive Patch

2. Paper Airplane

We’ve been flying paper airplanes for decades and it’s such an easy way to sneak in some engineering lessons into your next troop meeting.  

Paper Airplane Patch

3. Science Wizardry

I just couldn’t pass this one up! Practically every day I see fun videos and how-to guides for blowing your kids minds with science. Check out this list of magical science experiments from BuzzFeed, and you’ll feel like a Hogwarts professor in no time.  

Science Wizardry Patch

4. Finding My Way

With technology being so easily accessible to us, give your girls a little blast from the past with this traditional outdoor skill. It’s an admirable skill to be able to navigate the wilderness with a compass instead of a smartphone.    

Finding My Way Patch

5. Take Only Memories

As Girl Scouts, we leave a place better than how we found it. Pick up this patch for your next outdoor adventure to remind your girls to respect Mother Nature and instill the sense of preservation.  

Take Only Memories Patch

Remember that fun patches have no specific requirements, they are meant to mark an experience and to ensure girls take a moment to reflect on their accomplishments (an essential part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience). And what better way to spark a reflection conversation than with a fun patch! 

What to do next:

  • Check out the infamous patch catalog to find hundreds of fun activities for troops and individuals. Our stores carry a portion of these and can always order you a specific one. Email us at shop@gsnorcal.org to place an order today. Want your patch to say Girl Scouts? Check out the newest Girl Scout fun patches here. 
  • Check out the Badge Explorer — If you are on the hunt for badges instead of fun patches, this is a great place to start! 
  • Interested in our exclusive GSNorCal Trailhead patch? Learn more about writing for The Trailhead.
  • Share your favorite fun patch in the comments section below! 

Cambria GriffinCambria GriffinCambria is the Director of Retail and Office Operations at Girl Scouts of Northern California where she oversees six retail stores and offices plus one online storeShe’s based in the East Bay, and is often out and about searching for the areas hidden gems. Cambria loves talking with volunteers to understand how she can best support their needs through the product carried in her stores. She especially loves helping girls budget wisely while shopping with their rewards cards.  

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