A Little History

August 10, marks a proud day in Girl Scout history – National S’mores Day! Did you know this camp classic was basically invented by Girl Scouts? In 1927, the first s’mores recipe was printed in the Girl Scout handbook, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.” Legend says the name “s’mores” came about because everyone who tasted the gooey campfire concoction asked for “some more.”

But wait, there’s s’more! Remember last year’s popular Girl Scout S’mores™ cookies? You guessed it, they’re back. The Girl Scout’s fun twist on the timeless treat will return for the 2019 Cookie Season – woohoo! During their debut last season, the Girl Scout S’mores™ cookie became the most popular flavor to launch in the 100+ years Girl Scouts have been selling cookies.

S’mores Recipes

After reading all of this sweet information, I’m sure you’re craving the campfire classic (I know I am), so here are a dozen creative s’mores recipes to try from the comfort of your own kitchen:

We can’t wait for the return of all our delicious cookies, which power unique and amazing experiences for girls with each and every purchase. In the meantime, we’ll just drool over photos of your s’mores creations. Remember to have fun — it’s not about perfection, it’s about enjoying the process and sharing the experience with the people we love!

Ash Redfield—Ash is the Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Girl Scouts of Northern California, where they’re constantly planning, creating, and managing awesome content for social media. After graduating from Mills College (a women’s college in Oakland), Ash joined the Girl Scout movement where they love being part of a team that helps girls unlock their potential and continuing that legacy of women’s leadership. They have spent much of their life exploring Northern California, especially the Bay Area, so when not behind a blue-lit screen, you’ll probably find them hiking through a local park or at a café planning their next road trip.

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