As a young Girl Scout, the phrase, “Now let’s sing…” never failed to get me and the most of my troop excited: it was time to sing a Girl Scout song, or more than one if we were lucky. Little did we know that our troop leader was teaching us some tried-and-true Girl Scout traditions and values in the form of catchy tunes. Even more, she taught us to pass on the musical joy. Once we were old enough to be considered older girls, you could find my troop leading local sing-alongs or shouting at the front of a campfire, “This is a repeat after me song! (This is a repeat after me song!)” 

Save it for later!

Years later, I still have those songs in my back pocket, along with a “Great Big Brownie Smile.” Girl Scout songs can be brighten almost every Girl Scout scenario with some extra spark: at troop meetings in a wisely scheduled song break, around campfires fueled by s’mores, or during special ceremonies. I know the Trailhead has already shared some top Girl Scout songs, but I couldn’t resist adding mine to the playlist mix: 

Side fun fact: Because of Girl Scout sing-alongs, I knew “Baby Shark” WAY before it went viral on the internet! 

Make New Friends 

The classic Girl Scout theme song! “Make New Friends” is an excellent song to teach your smallest Girl Scouts. As a Brownie, I remember being impressed by the idea that I should both value my current friends AND try to make friends with any new or younger girls joining my troop. For a couple of months, my troop leader often had our troop meetings close with all of us holding hands in a friendship circle and singing “Make New Friends” as we sent a friendship squeeze around as fast as we could. 

Pro-Tip: This would be a great activity for a Bring-a-Friend meeting to welcome new girls! 

She Wears a “G” 

She Wears a “G”” is a rousing “wake-me-up” song for all occasions. I’ve only ever heard this song sung by Girl Scouts standing up, so that’s the only way I sang it in my troop! 

Princess Pat 

This is a “repeat after me song”! (This is a “repeat after me song”!) A “repeat after me song” is great to have because you, or even your older girls, can teach this song to Girl Scouts literally as you sing it through once and they repeat the lyrics back to you. The combination of funny dance moves and funny-sounding words made “Princess Pat” a favorite at large gatherings like campfires or sing-alongs. (I still don’t know what a rick-a-bamboo is, but there is a fun craft version to hold as you and your Girl Scouts sing “Princess Pat”.) 

When E’er You Make a Promise 

A short but very sweet song that reminds girls the value of keeping their promise. If your Girl Scouts are up to the challenge, I recommend trying to sing “When E’er You Make a Promise” in a round with different girls starting the same melody at different times.  


There are many classic camp or campfire closing songs, including “Taps”, but my favorite by far has always been “Linger.” Back when I attended Exploree, our camp staff would gather us all in a circle around the campfire pit on our last day of Exploree. As we sang the lyrics, one section of the circle would spiral out back to the campsite, followed in a line by the next section and the next section… until the last “lingering” girls trailed behind. It was a solemn but heartwarming experience of affirming the friendships and memories built at camp. 

No matter which Girl Scout songs you love most from your time as a Girl Scout or a troop leader, we can all agree: singing them together is the most important part! It creates community and closeness within your troop, helps girls build relationships with friends new and old, and pass on beautiful traditions from one generation to the next.  

What to do next: 

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Amanda Gee—Amanda is the Communications Specialist for Girl Scouts of Northern California, where she keeps the website, social media, and email up-to-date with the latest and greatest Girl Scout news. Amanda joined the Girl Scouts in first grade; her fondest Girl Scout memories include building a butterfly garden for her Bronze Award project and eating way too many s’mores around the campfire. When she’s not typing away at her computer over a cup of Earl Grey, you can find Amanda hanging out with friends, biking along the beautiful Alameda Bay Trail, or trying to pick up some new skill or tidbit of knowledge.

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