Whether you are a new troop leader or a seasoned pro there is always something new to learn about Girl Scouting! Did you know we have over 100 online courses? We have trainings for almost every Girl Scout volunteer role, from troop leader, to troop helpers, and even service unit volunteers. I bet you thought badges were just for girls—think again. When volunteers complete online training they earn virtual badges! How cool is that!

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Ready to get started? Not sure what training to take to enhance your troop experience? No problem, we’ve removed the guesswork by customizing learning plans for every volunteer role. Just login to the Volunteer Learning Portal and click on your role to see the required and recommended courses or browse the complete course listing.  We know your time is valuable. You need reliable and relevant information at your fingertips to help your troop be successful. From troop safety to product sale prep, here are the top 6 online courses that we recommend for every troop leader.

1. Safety-Wise

Online Training Safety Wise BadgeKeeping girls safe during planned Girl Scout activities is always our highest priority. The Safety-Wise module will guide you through everything you need to know to keep girls safe. You’ll learn about volunteer safety responsibilities and guidelines, how many adults you need to supervise girls, and how to keep girls safe during troop meetings and outings. You’ll also learn about important safety forms, when you need a first aider and what you should include in your troop first aid kit. Do you know how to access and reference the Safety Activity Checkpoints or when you might need to purchase additional insurance and what to do in an emergency? You will find out all this information and more in the Safety-Wise course.

It’s super useful for: Troop leaders, trip organizers, troop chaperones, and event managers. This is a required course for troop leaders and is a prerequisite course for many other courses. This general safety course is recommended for all volunteers who work with girls.

2. Girl Scout Program

Online Training Girl Scout Program Badge

What’s the Girl Scout Program all about? In this course, you’ll learn how Girl Scouting benefits G.I.R.Ls (Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk Takers and Leaders)™ and prepares them to become girls with courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Having a hard time keeping all the Girl Scout Program resources straight? What’s in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting? How about the Journey books or the Volunteer Toolkit? What other program opportunities are there? You’ll learn all about these resources and how to incorporate product sales, trips, travel, badges, and awards into your Girl Scout year.

It’s super useful for: Troop leaders, troop chaperones, program support managers. This is a required course for troop leaders and is recommended for volunteers who work with girls or service unit volunteers who support troop leaders.

3. Getting Adults to Help

Online Training Getting Adults Help

We know that managing a Girl Scout troop has its challenges. Successful troops tell us that they have lots of adult help and support; but how do you get the help you need? In the Getting Adults to Help module, you’ll learn about the minimum number of adults that are needed to supervise girls during troop activities and outings. You’ll also learn about the different ways that parents/guardians and other adults can help your troop, the volunteer and training requirements that must be met as well as some tips for asking adults to help support your troop.

It’s super useful for: Troop leaders, leader support managers and membership support managers.

4. Money Matters

Online Training Money Matters

Want to expertly manage your troop’s finances? Learn about ways to fund your troop, how troop funds can be used, how to teach financial literacy and goal setting skills to girls, and how to involve them in troop financial decisions with the Money Matters training. You will also learn best financial practices, troop record keeping tips, and how troop funds are disbursed when groups change.

It’s super useful for: This is a required course for troop leaders, troop treasurer’s, service unit treasurer’s, and signers on the troop bank account.

5. Transporting Girls

Online Training Transporting Girls

Ready to leave your regular meeting location to get outdoors, attend an activity, or take a trip? You’ll need a few troop drivers to drive girls to and from the destination. In the Transporting Girls course, you’ll learn when troop drivers are needed, troop driver guidelines, and driver and vehicle requirements. Girl Scouts are all about being prepared so you’ll learn what to keep in your trip folder, what permission and forms are needed, and what emergency and first aid kit supplies are recommended.  You’ll also learn guidelines for girls and adults to travel safely and how to be prepared to manage potential breakdowns, accidents, and emergencies.

It’s super useful for: This is a required course for troop leaders, troop drivers, and trip organizers.

6. Troop Fall/Cookie Sale Training

Online Training Fall Sale Training

The Fall Sale is just around the corner. Is your troop ready? Whether you are a new or experienced fall product sale volunteer, a troop parent or a service unit fall sale volunteer, we have customized training just for you! You’ll learn about your role and responsibilities, about the sale (including the products girls will be selling), ways to sell and accept payment, troop proceeds and bonuses, as well as girl recognitions and rewards. You’ll also learn how to prepare for the sale and manage the sale from start to finish including tracking inventory and money. Fall Sale training and Cookie Sale training are available now.

It’s super useful for: This is a required course for troop product sale managers and service unit product sale managers. This course is recommended for troop leaders and parent/troop helpers who will help with product sales.

Other new and improved online trainings:

The Top 6 courses have all been recently updated. If it has been awhile since you’ve taken these courses, you may want to retake them to refresh your knowledge. After you’ve reviewed the Top 6, check out these other recently updated courses. 

Our GSNorCal eLearning team is continuously revising and creating modules to ensure you have a great learning experience with the most relevant up-to-date information. Check the Volunteer Learning Portal periodically for newly added or updated modules.

What to do next: 

  • Login to the Volunteer Learning Portal, review the online training path for your role, and start earning your virtual badges today!
  • After you complete some of the recommended learning courses above, check out the complete course listing to see all the learning opportunities.
  • Have ideas for an online training course? Share it with the eLearning team by sending them an email, onlinelearning@gsnorcal.org.

Sheryl JuckerSheryl Jucker—Sheryl Jucker is the eLearning Director for Girl Scouts of Northern California. She is a former GSNorCal troop leader, Community Development Director and Volunteer Resources Director for the North Central area. She now enjoys living and working remotely in San Antonio, TX and managing a remote team of 3 eLearning Developers who are continuously developing training and resources for GSNorCal troop leaders and volunteers.  She is passionate about Girl Scouting and about inspiring troop leaders to make a difference in a girl’s life and be the role model she’ll always remember.

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