Discoveree is Girl Scouting made easy! Join other adult and older girl Girl Scouts for a full day focused on learning new skills and techniques to help your girls thrive. Discoveree gives you the opportunity to meet other enthusiastic volunteers while expanding your skills and knowledge. Learn new crafts, outdoor skills, positive youth development techniques, and everything in between!

January 12, 2019 will be the 51st annual GSNorCal Discoveree, featuring over 65 workshops covering topics from troop program to self-help, from how to do a Journey in a day to self-defense skills. Choose your favorite workshops, or pick a learning path that corresponds with your girls’ age level. You’ll get to attend up to four individual workshops of your choice all in one day and place, so whether you pick-up skills to take back to your girls, or workshops focused on honing your leadership, you’ll have a blast at Discoveree!

When we ask participants why they come to Discoveree—and most come year after year—they all have similar reasons. Here’s why you too should join us at Discoveree:

You’ll Meet Other Volunteers and Make New Friends

“At Discoveree, I enjoy being in the company of excited and enthusiastic people who all have the same goal of bringing Girl Scouting to our girls.”

“I was energized by learning new things and chatting with leaders throughout the Bay Area.”

“By meeting amazing women, I renewed my Girl Scout energy.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Discoveree: Fun Times

The song says “Make New Friends, and Keep the Old” and that is exactly what happens at Discoveree. Not only will you meet leaders and new friends from all over Northern California at Discoveree, but it’s a great opportunity to spend time with a friend you already have! Bringing a fellow volunteer or troop leader means you will have a buddy to travel with, and if you take different workshops, you can share your new skills and information with each other.

You’ll Get Hands-On Experience

“I love doing and observing things that would be impossible online and having a chance to talk with other attendees”

At Discoveree, you have a choice from over 65 workshops led by experienced volunteers and staff, covering a huge variety of topics, including songs, games, dance, STEM, troop program, outdoor skills, crafts, and personal interest topics. It’s also an opportunity to cover some of the required adult trainings, like the troop camping certification, first aid/CPR, or troop travel.

You’ll Have a Blast!

“Discoveree is the most fun I have had in Girl Scouts in one day. I can learn new crafts, experiment with outdoor cooking, update my STEM knowledge, and learn from the experts!”

Throughout the day, adult volunteers at Discoveree share their experiences with excitement and enthusiasm. We start with an opening ceremony and songs, and end with farewells to new friends. On top of all that, you’ll get to exchange SWAPS with volunteers from around the state (so make sure to bring a few of your own!) and browse the Girl Scout Shop!

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Discoveree: New Friends

You’ll Learn More than You Expect

“It surprised me how much I learned. Instructors are very knowledgeable about their subject areas.”

We bring in volunteer workshop leaders from throughout Girl Scouts of Northern California who are experts at what they do, have a commitment to adult learning, and know how to work with youth. All attendees benefit as a result. You might find a new hobby, or figure out the trick to working with your troop more effectively, or just come to a greater understanding and appreciation of your work with Girl Scouts.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Discoveree: Workshops

Pro Tip: Make a note of what supplies you might need to bring for your workshops, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before the big day!

You Won’t Break the Bank

“The cost is reasonable. I am able to pick from a bunch of different classes.”

For the early bird fee of $30, you can choose up to four workshops. This is 75% to 90% less expensive than taking for similar classes at your local crafts store, or local parks and recreation programs. After December 15, 2018, the registration fee increases to $35. And of course, we are happy to welcome walk-in registrations. Some workshops fill up early though, so we recommend registering as early as possible to maximize your fun and utility!

Does all of this sound like the fun training opportunity you were waiting for? Mark January 12, 2019 on your calendar, count down the days, get a good night’s sleep the night before, and arrive at Discoveree ready to learn, have fun, and grow!

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What to do next:

  • Stay up-to-date about Discoveree and join our Facebook Discoveree group! We feature interesting workshops and photos, and post announcements to keep you in the Discoveree loop.
  • Check out the Discoveree Brochure and FAQ, and get all your friends to download it when it’s ready.
  • Tell all of your Girl Scout friends about Discoveree so they can join you for a fun-filled day!

Sheila PallottaSheila Pallotta—Sheila is the Committee Chair of the Discoveree 2019 Committee, a group of 14 volunteers who organize the Discoveree event. Sheila is in her 24th year as an adult Girl Scout. She has been attending Discoveree for over 20 years. Her second year, she started offering workshops, and she joined the committee ten years ago. If she had her way, every troop leader in the council would attend Discoveree, just for the experience

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