Did you know you can level up your Girl Scout Leadership skills all at one inclusive event?  Discoveree is a one-day event for Girl Scout volunteers to explore topics that are interesting or helpful to you and your troop! Learn new crafts and outdoor skills, attend STEM workshops, positive youth development lectures, and just about anything in-between. Discoveree also has workshops available for girls in grades 9–12, such as College Knowledge, Go for the Gold, and Where in the World Would You Like to Go, a workshop on our Destinations travel program.   

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Discoveree offers five different subjects of interest to help you plan and work with your girls: Troop Program, STEM, Outdoor, Girl Scout Traditions, Crafts, and Personal Interest. Here is just a sample of what is being offered this year, along with quotes from volunteers who have attended in years past. The amazing workshops and stellar reviews will have you ready to register in no time. 

Troop Program 

A variety of workshops are available to enhance troop programs at all levels. Topics can cover Basic Ceremonies (investiture and rededication, Court of Awards, World Thinking Day ceremony), learning about World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and their five World Centers, workshops about the council camps, running your own Camporee, and preparing for extended trips with your troop.  

This year we are featuring a Junior Leader Forum, where four to six experienced leaders will give advice and talk about their successes flying up from Brownies, encouraging parent involvement, scheduling the troop year, and more. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and receive great ideas to help make your Girl Scout troop management much easier.   

For Senior and Ambassadors, we have workshops on the topics most vital to your older girls. These include Go for the Gold from the Gold Award Committee member, a College Knowledge Badge workshop so you can learn some college search tips, High School Planning to College Readiness on how to evaluate your options and create the path that is right for you, and Where in the World Would you Like to Go, where you can learn about the travel opportunities through Destinations.

For those needing their certificate to act as the Troop First Aider, Discoveree also offers American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training.

“The wonderful array of workshops is one of the best things about Discoveree! There’s something for everyone? Newbie leaders, seasoned leaders, or anywhere in between, all attendees have terrific choices to fill up their day.”

2019 Discoveree Participant


Want to get your troop more involved with STEM? Dive into the new badges and activities Girl Scouts has available—for example, we have a workshop to help you explore the “Coding for Good” badges, when you will have an opportunity to experience activities that will work with your troop. The outdoor STEM badges on Bugs, Eco Friend, Animal Habitats, Flowers, and Space Science are also featured, so there’s something for every troop level.

“Discoveree is the most fun I have had in Girl Scouts in one day. I can learn new crafts, experiment with outdoor cooking, update my STEM knowledge, and learn from the experts!”  

2018 Discoveree Participant

Pro Tip: Are you feeling not too confident about starting STEM activities with your troop? We’ve got STEM tips to make you feel right at home. 


Expand troop activities and take to the outdoors with what you learn at Discoveree! Planning to cook or sleep outdoors? Camp Out, the required training for a troop adult, is offered at Discoveree! Got older girls thirsting for adventure? Get a taste of the basics of troop backpacking, and learn new skills, such as basic knots, knife safety, or Orienteering. Curious about Geocaching? This is a global sport using GPS devices to find treasure in the area—and you can get hands-on experience at Discoveree. What’s even better than learning brand-new outdoors skills? Learning them surrounded by volunteers with your same goals, passions, and priorities.

“I was able to meet other leaders outside my service unit while being introduced to new activities and learning more about youth development and how I might apply it to my interactions with my girls.”

2019 Discoveree Participant

Girl Scout Traditions 

There’s nothing more at the heart of the friendship, sisterhood, and support that Girl Scouts provides than songs, games, and dance! There are a number of workshops where you can learn and practice songs and games. Do you find yourself with five to ten minutes at the end of the meeting? This is your opportunity to pick up some easy and fun group games and fun songs to fill the time. Or, learn to create an escape room, get some activity in the “Grab Your Partner and Dance!” workshop, or relax at the end of the day with some easy yoga. This is also an incredible way to interact with other troop leaders and make new volunteer friends in a low-key and fun environment!

“By meeting amazing women, I renewed my Girl Scout energy.” 

2018 Discoveree Participant

Crafts and Personal Interest

And don’t forget the crafts! There are Discoveree crafts workshops for all levels. Skills like leathercraft, balloon art, painting, woodburning, and knitting workshops are available. Learn to make beaded batik scarves, troop shirts, or customized t-shirts. And maybe you want to start making your own party favors, or up-cycle denim jeans and skirts into purses. We provide the sewing kits, and notions to embellish – just bring your about-to-be-discarded denim item.

“I love that Discoveree offers classes that teach us the nuts and bolts of Girl Scouts and how to implement the projects in our troop. But Discoveree also has opportunities for personal development. I love that I can learn a new skill for myself. I love the hands-on experience that lets me decide if an activity is right for my troop before I invest in the materials. And the most valuable to me is interacting with other leaders: exchanging stories about successes and failures, seeing different leadership styles.” 

2019 Discoveree Participant

Register Today

Don’t miss out on this day of fun and friendship. Come and make new friends, or bring a friend with you and share your experience. And with so many options, how do you choose? Many participants choose “some for the girls, some for me,” but it’s really up to you. There is something for every Girl Scout.

What to do Next: 

  • Mark your calendar for Discoveree on February 1, 2020. For the early bird fee of $30, you can choose four workshops from over 65 workshops to be offered by volunteers and council staff, covering a huge variety of topics. Registration goes up to $35 after the early bird period, and of course, we are happy to welcome walk-in registrations. Some workshops fill up early, though, so we recommend registering as early as possible!
  • Stay up-to-date about Discoveree and join our Facebook Discoveree group! We feature interesting workshops and photos, and post announcements to keep you in the Discoveree loop.
  • Looking for other ways to up your Girl Scout game? Our council offers regular learning events for you to get trained up alongside other volunteers while also having a great time.  

Sheila Pallotta—Sheila Pallotta is a long time Girl Scout and the chair of the Discoveree Committee. Discoveree is an annual adult Girl Scout event. In its 53rd year, Discoveree successfully migrated to a completely online event. Sheila can be contacted for advice or suggestions at discovereechair@gmail.com.

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